Facial skin vs. body skin

Ever wonder why you have to tend so much to your skin on your face? Why does the skin on our faces require more anti aging products than our body? What’s different about our facial skin from our body skin?

Our facial skin has MORE sebaceous (OIL) glands, resulting in more possible acne.

Facial skin tends to be more SENSITIVE .

Only on the face do we have skin that is ATTACHED to the MUSCLES. Think about it.. you can’t make an expression with your arm.

The connection between where skin is attached to muscle becomes weaker with age (gravity) and sun damage. A series of Micro-current facials (2-3 treatments a week for 12 weeks) can be used to tighten the muscle. The skin is then lifted by the improved muscle structure.

Facial skin does require more TLC. Your face is the first thing people notice. The investment of proper skin care and facial treatments definitely are worth the reward!

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