Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are part of the back to the basics idea. Chemical peels are a chemical exfoliate and have stood the test of time. Proven to be super effective in lightening aging spots, brightening pigmentation & clearing acne by using a chemical solution to remove the outer layer of old skin.

Before you receive a chemical peel you should avoid using any retinols the week before treatment as well as not undergo any other chemical peels, any kind of waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal procedures or Botox injections. You should also avoid using exfoliating masks or rough, abrasive sponges on your skin.

After your chemical peel treatment you can expect your skin to feel similar to being out in the sun (tight & slightly pink) most likely your skin will feel clean as your skin recovers and the dead skin flakes off revealing new beautiful skin with a radiating, healthy glow. 

Chemical peels have the best results within a series of 3-6 spaced every 2-4 weeks apart. 



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