Eyelash Extensions

This my friends has been my specialty for 11+ years. I started my business only offering lash extensions. I consider myself one of the pioneers of lashing. I was applying lash extensions when the only option was classic lashes. Now we have more options which can make it more fun. I do still hold true to natural looking lashes and not overdoing the look. If you want mega volume- I’m not your girl. 

Definitely one of my favorite beauty secrets. A good set of lashes that look beautiful and enhance your eyes will always be a classic staple in looking polished. 

I offer classic, hybrid and volume lashes.

Classic– one extension per natural lash. This look is good for creating a look similar to a mascara look without the clumsiness from mascara. Classic lashes come in different lengths, curls and diameters to create your signature look.

Volume– every lash artist varies in her volume style. I typically apply 7 volume extensions per natural lash. This creates that full, fluffy look without looking like a caterpillar is sitting on your eyes.

Hybrid– can’t decide between volume or classic lashes? Hybrid could be your best friend. A little classic with some volume could do the trick to creating your signature look.

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