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Eyelash lifting is proving to be one of the fastest growing beauty treatments around the world. But what exactly is eyelash lifting? How does it work? And what are the benefits. 

Eyelash lifting has been around for longer than one would presume. It is closely related to its Great Aunt “Lash Perming” and sees our Lash Blossom clients natural lashes raised and accentuated into luxurious lifted and curled lash that is a great alternative if you want to try something other than lash extensions.

This quick treatment sees the natural lash adhered to a carefully selected silicone rod with a water-soluble glue. Carefully your lash technician will section, isolate and place your own natural lash into their new complementary position. Gently and carefully the lifting lotion is applied to the lashes, allowing the hair to be lifted into a new position. A short processing time is required before the lifting lotion is removed and replaced with a setting lotion and you’re good to go.

The end results? Luscious, longer looking, curled lashes that will last the duration of your natural lash cycle, which can be as long as   6-8 weeks.

BENEFITS of getting a  lash lift.

Enhances your “Natural Eyelash”

  • Eyelash Lifting works on your natural eyelash, there is no need to add on anything to your lashes, I work with what you naturally have and make your lashes beautiful.

Suitable For Short Lashes.

  • Thankfully eyelash lifting is designed for almost every lash length and thickness out there. And great news for those with short lashes – YOU can still get amazing lifted results from shorter, thinner lashes.

Curls, lifts and gives the appearance of longer, darker lashes.

  • Eyelash Lifting does it all! When your lashes are in their natural state they might be straight out or even downward facing, making their dimension appear stubby and short.  When you have a lash lift your lashes have Curl and Lift which gives the appearance of longer and even fuller lashes, add on a lash tint to create dark, curled lashes. 

Great Alternative To Eyelash Extensions.

  • If you’ve had a reaction to Eyelash Extensions or couldn’t keep up with the upkeep? Eyelash lifting could be for you. This amazing treatment is low maintenance and a faster alternative all whilst still giving you that luscious natural feel. 

Low Maintenance

  • We all live busy lives these days and it can sometimes prove difficult to take some much-needed time out for you and to still feel glamorous. Eyelash Lifting is a quick treatment and low maintenance. With minimal aftercare, it really is the perfect treatment.

Highly Addictive

  • With all of these amazing benefits, not to mention how wonderful you will feel with luscious, lifted lashes that you can proudly scream from the rooftops (YES, they are my natural lashes) it’s unquestionable that this treatment is becoming increasingly popular and highly addictive.
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